University Ultimate 2016: Mixed Indoor Nationals Div 1

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Harry Mason brings his thoughts to the table for Mixed Indoor Nationals in the premier division. 

As the university season marches ever onwards, we arrive at the first nationwide test of the season; Mixed Indoor Nationals. Despite it being first, I have always viewed selection for this tournament as the most prestigious of any in the university season. A captain has to select only the very top 4/6 boys and 4/6 girls out of an entire squad. When you’re selecting that few people, there doesn’t tend to be much of a plateau. You don’t get any easy match-ups. The victors of tournaments like this tend to be those able to: play proper mixed, make the fewest mistakes, and use all their players in the most impressive fashion (rather than just individual player strength).


University Ultimate 2016: Western Women’s

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Under a lot of pressure from her fans Alice Thomas brings us her view on the Western region for the Women’s division.

The nights grow colder and the wind blows sharper, and indoors season is in full swing. Mixed and Men’s Regionals have come and gone, and the final University Indoor Regionals will be held this weekend, in which 23 teams of women from 13 universities will battle for four places in the Western Region.


University Ultimate 2016: Northern Women’s

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Giulia Newbery debuts on theShowGame with her preview of UWIR for the Northern region

As the North region approaches Women’s Indoor Regionals, every team will be looking to showcase the strengths learned from recent beginner and experienced tournaments across the country and, most importantly, skills taken away from Mixed Indoor Regionals tournaments. Certain teams will inevitably rock the boat this year but who doesn’t love an underdog story? Predictions will be made for the top six spots that qualify for Nationals, so don’t be deterred by these girls – go and exceed expectations instead!


University Ultimate 2016: Scottish Women’s

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Nicola Shaw runs over the Scottish region in the Women’s division ahead of Indoor Regionals. 

Never mind the heated politics that’s been happening in the past few days, on a more local scale we are now interested in the hotly contested Women’s University teams of Scotland soon to be battling it out for spots at University Women’s Indoor Nationals (UWIN). As always, with newbies and graduates flying in and out, change and the unknown is actually what makes this exciting!


University Ultimate 2016: Eastern Women’s

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Georgia “GeeGee” Morrison gives us her outlook on the Eastern Indoor Women’s region.

University Ultimate is buzzing with the excitement of regional events. Mixed came and went with historic victories and shocking drops throughout the nation. Now it’s the turn of our ladies.

We have a pretty big region – the largest UK region in fact, comprising of 22 universities. Four spots are up for grabs to go to Nationals (UWIN) in February 2017, and no team will go down without a fight.


University Ultimate 2016: North Men’s

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The Northern division is brought to us by Thomas Daly

Sheffield Hallam 

We start with Division 1A’s new boys, Sheffield Hallam. They are a relatively unknown quality now due to the loss of a lot of quality players from last year and will be looking to current third years to lead the way and put their own spin on their team. Important wins over Central Lancashire and Bangor in more than blustery conditions show this team have enough resilience to not give up and be a constant threat from start to finish, a concept that seems to be engrained in the club’s DNA. It’s underpinned by their unpredictability and also by their willingness to adapt to different offences. The club have played down their chances this year of having any major impact in the league, but do not underestimate them.

Watch out for Rhys Walker who, despite just starting university this summer, has played for Junior powerhouses Arctic in Birmingham. He has shown signs of being a more than capable handler and in this division and can only get better.


University Ultimate 2016: Midlands Men’s

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Dynamic Loughborough duo George ‘Jungle’ Webb and Dan ‘Jess’ Hillman have teamed up to preview the Midland region this year, which features some of the best teams from last year facing off regularly. Here’s how the Haze boys see it shaking out.

With all three Men’s Outdoor titles being taken by teams from this region last year, it’s safe to say there is a buzz around the Midlands region this year. Division 1 champions Nottingham will be chased by third place finishers Birmingham, ninth placed Warwick 1, a Cambridge side who were one sudden death game away from the Division 2 final, a newly promoted Loughborough side with Division 3 gold medals fresh around their necks, and a Warwick 2 side that shows immense strength in depth. With many big names leaving the region after last year, it’s safe to say that the midlands title is up for grabs now.