University Ultimate 2016: Scottish Women’s

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Nicola Shaw runs over the Scottish region in the Women’s division ahead of Indoor Regionals. 

Never mind the heated politics that’s been happening in the past few days, on a more local scale we are now interested in the hotly contested Women’s University teams of Scotland soon to be battling it out for spots at University Women’s Indoor Nationals (UWIN). As always, with newbies and graduates flying in and out, change and the unknown is actually what makes this exciting!


University Ultimate 2016: Eastern Women’s

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Georgia “GeeGee” Morrison gives us her outlook on the Eastern Indoor Women’s region.

University Ultimate is buzzing with the excitement of regional events. Mixed came and went with historic victories and shocking drops throughout the nation. Now it’s the turn of our ladies.

We have a pretty big region – the largest UK region in fact, comprising of 22 universities. Four spots are up for grabs to go to Nationals (UWIN) in February 2017, and no team will go down without a fight.


EUCF 2016 – the British teams: Iceni and SYC

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In her first piece for The ShowGame, Geegee Morrison takes a look at the two Women’s teams representing the UK at Euros – SYC and reigning champions Iceni.

Over a month on from UKU Nationals, the excitement is building for this year’s European Ultimate Championship Finals. Two Women’s teams will be representing UK Ultimate in Europe; SYC and Iceni. After a last-minute pool change, the two teams will face off once again this weekend in Frankfurt, alongside the rest of Pool X. After an incredibly exciting season, can Iceni bring home another European title, or will SYC prove difficult to defeat?


UKU Nationals 2016 – Women’s Division

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Hannah Pendlebury introduces the Women’s division of UKU Nationals 2016

It’s been a long 5 years since any but the letters I, C, E and N have graced the Nationals Women’s division shield. It is time for a change? If you ask the engravers of the UKU trophy cabinet, the answer is a resounding yes. It is certainly true that the ladies in gold and black are by no means unbeatable. Just ask Lemon Grass, the Russian Women’s team who took a sudden death win against the warriors two weeks ago in the show game at Mermaid and Moe.


All-Stars are changing the conversation

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Julia Dunn spoke to some of the women involved in the All-Star Ultimate Tour to discuss the effects the Tour is having on women and Women’s Ultimate around the world.

Fifteen female athletes from all parts of the United States, Japan, Canada and Australia recently undertook a trip of a lifetime, travelling over 4500 miles to play nine elite club teams in cities across the United States. The All-Star Ultimate Tour just wrapped up its second year after being founded to address the gender gap in media coverage, and has the goal of promoting the visibility of women in Ultimate. The women who made the Tour, selected based on an application, were the leaders on their respective college teams, played each other as adversaries on the field, and came together to showcase elite Women’s Ultimate. This project forms one of the many initiatives to promote Women’s Ultimate in the world, and has given female Ultimate players around the world a set of role models.


UKU Tour 2016: Tour 3 in Cardiff – Women’s Division

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Hannah Pendlebury returns with her preview of Women’s Tour in Cardiff.

By all accounts, Tour 2 was a bit of a slog. After the inevitable physical and mental drain of Nottingham’s trademark “steady breeze”, teams will be doing their best to bribe the weatherman ahead of this weekend in hope of more favourable conditions. Quite rightly so too, as the Llanrumney venue isn’t exactly known for its consistent climate!

Sadly, all the sun saluting seems to have come into full force a little too early, though the weekend looks set to be generally mild (touch wood!). This should hopefully provide teams with an opportunity to show off their best Ultimate as they come into full stride for the last event of the Tour season. For many this will also also be their last outing of 2016 altogether, with just eight teams of a possible 25 having entered a bid for Women’s Nationals in August. Disappointing though this is for fans of the Women’s game, plenty of teams will be fighting hard and ready to leave it all on the field in Cardiff to finish the season on a high. Exciting!


UKU Tour 2016: Nottingham WindFarm Women’s Tour

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Hannah Pendlebury debuts on theShowGame with a thorough account of Women’s Tour in Nottingham

Women’s Tour is so hot right now. Though London Calling seems but a distant memory after a staggering six weeks between events, teams across the division are keen to get back on pitch post-worlds to channel their inner Kami Groom.

Tour 2 sees the return of top-four finishing Irish team Rebel (their debut at the affectionately named ‘Wind Farm’). Word on the sideline is that everyone wants to play this well-spirited Irish team as they are “just mad craic”. However, with GB Masters disbanding post-Worlds and Mockingjays staying at home, there is certainly room at the top for teams ready to battle hard and earn a semi-final berth.

Added spice also comes in the form of the much anticipated split of London powerhouse Iceni into two evenly-balanced teams. This is a great decision from the reigning national and European champions, as not only does it give them an opportunity to develop and assess their roster in full but it should hopefully encourage an extra edge out of their opposition. The question is – will anyone knock X or Y off course from their current path to face off in the final? Only time will tell, but we’re excited to watch.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the pools.