University Ultimate 2016: Mixed Indoor Nationals Div 1

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Harry Mason brings his thoughts to the table for Mixed Indoor Nationals in the premier division. 

As the university season marches ever onwards, we arrive at the first nationwide test of the season; Mixed Indoor Nationals. Despite it being first, I have always viewed selection for this tournament as the most prestigious of any in the university season. A captain has to select only the very top 4/6 boys and 4/6 girls out of an entire squad. When you’re selecting that few people, there doesn’t tend to be much of a plateau. You don’t get any easy match-ups. The victors of tournaments like this tend to be those able to: play proper mixed, make the fewest mistakes, and use all their players in the most impressive fashion (rather than just individual player strength).

University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2016 Review

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Harry Mason had a group chat with the University Contributors after UXIR. Read it in full below. 

Welcome to the UXIR (University Mixed Indoor Regional) 2016/17 discussion thread! My name is Harry, I’m the University Co-ordinator for the Show Game. This will be a fun new experiment, so let us know any thoughts, and whether you liked it. We’ll be communicating by our slack names, which in most cases line up with our twitter usernames.
 We have writers from many different regions, so we’re going to walk through region by region and talk about what happened. I asked the writers to make some predictions before the weekend, so there’ll be a little pre-weekend chat first, before we get onto the post-weekend analysis. A small disclaimer here that by coincidence, the indoor regions of South West/East & London aren’t represented. If this feature proves popular in future (and people volunteer to help our discussion) we’ll ensure they are included in extra discussions. We can only cover what we have writers for, after all!

EUCF 2016 – the British teams: JR

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The European Ultimate Championship Finals begin today! Ahead of the tournament starting, Sean Colfer takes a look at the Mixed division, often the hardest to predict given the lack of high-level Mixed tournaments around Europe. Sean Colfer concludes the preview series with a take on the Mixed Tour champions JR.

EUCF 2016 – the British teams: Reading

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The European Ultimate Championship Finals begin today! Ahead of the tournament starting, Sean Colfer takes a look at the Mixed division, often the hardest to predict given the lack of high-level Mixed tournaments around Europe. First up; the two-time national champions, Reading.

EUCF 2016 – the Irish teams: PELT and Rebel

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As part of our series previewing EUCF, certified Irishman Aidan Kelly looks into the condition of Ireland’s two representatives in Frankfurt; Rebel in the Mixed division, and PELT in the Open division.

There is a strange feeling of optimism in Irish Ultimate these days. Fresh from some fantastic international results at both WUGC and WJUC, as well as UKU Tour, our small nation feels like they really can take on the world when it comes to our fair sport. However, historically, no matter how successful a year we’ve had, there has always been one event that we couldn’t stamp our mark on, until 2016: Euros.

UKU Nationals 2016 – Mixed Division

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Sean Colfers previews the Mixed Division at 2016 Nationals

Mixed Nationals is the pinnacle of the season, serving as the qualifier for the European Championships. The difference between this tournament and the simultaneous Open and Women’s events is that the event comes months after the Mixed season finished – Mixed Tour 3 was won by Thundering Herd over three months ago in Cheltenham. That break means that all eight teams contesting Nationals are essentially starting a new season, trying to rebuild cohesion and re-establish connections.

That dynamic is especially true since there have been a number of squad changes across the teams. Some have either gained or lost players to Open and Women’s, whereas some have added Great Britain players absent for the Tour season. The field overall looks the strongest in Nationals history, potentially as part of the ramping up for WUCC qualification next year, with all eight teams finishing in the top ten during the 2016 Mixed Tour season.

Enough preamble; let’s take a look at the teams.

UKU Mixed Season 2016: Tour 1 Preview

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Sean Colfer begins our club season coverage with his preview of the first Mixed Tour of 2016

Mixed Tour 1 is often full of surprises, which is no surprise itself given that it marks the beginning of the season. It’s the first time teams from all over the country gather in one place, the first time any training put in over the winter months bears any fruit and the first time out for new-look squads or, as is often the case, new teams altogether.