The Haze five: from boys to (old) men

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Sean Colfer met up with five players from the Great Britain Masters Men’s team who have been playing together for over 10 years to discuss their memories of successes together and their aims for the future.

The Great Britain Masters Men’s team is here to win. They are clear that their expectation is to come here and win the gold medal, not to simply make up numbers and try to compete against the North Americans.

Men’s division reaches the semi-finals stage: what’s happened so far

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Ravi Vasudevan continues his Men’s coverage by looking at what happened on a rainy day in London.

Only four teams remain in the Men’s division of WUGC after four games of intense Ultimate today in London.

USA vs Colombia: 15-2

This quarter-final was a blowout. The Colombians just didn’t have the athleticism or skills to keep up with the favourite in this tournament. Sadly the only real event of note in this game was a Colombian player leaving the field with a broken leg on some unfortunate contact during the game. USA make their way into semi-finals tomorrow.

Mixed round-up: playing for second?

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Sean Colfer has been watching the Mixed division this week and has been looking for evidence that any of the other teams can challenge the USA’s all-star roster.

The United States of America are the best team here. That much is not in doubt. They have played seven games so far before the quarter-finals and have conceded 22 points – an average of a hair over three points per game. They’ve hard-capped everyone. So, with an average score of 15-3, I think it’s fair to say they’ve been absurdly dominant.

Pre-quarter madness in the Men’s division

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Ravi Vasudevan continues his recaps of the Men’s division by going back over the pre-quarters.

The Men’s knockout stages are underway and we started with the pre-quarter and crossover rounds today. Quarter-finals are tomorrow, semis on Friday and finals on Saturday.  Here is what the brackets look like.

GB U23 Teams

Introducing: Great Britain Under 23.

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Josh Coxon Kelly interviews the World U23 Championship GB Coaches.

This July London is host to the World Under 23 Championships 2015. This is the third of the World U23 events, with the first taking place in Florence 2010, the second in Toronto 2013. The addition of the U23 age group is an exciting one for many reasons. Whilst juniors at U20 never failed to impress on the international stage, in comparison many competitors at U23 level are already star performers in their country’s top clubs. The age group also features some of the very best of the many players who join the sport at University/College level, and the exciting athletic game they bring. The youth of this division means games are typically vibrant and passionate battles; entertainment is on the way across all divisions in no small amount!


Like all previous tournaments Great Britain is representing strongly, sending a squad to each division. We got in touch with the coaches to get the low-down on their various approaches, and to introduce the three National programmes to the British Ultimate community and public that will be following them throughout the competition.