The 2016 Irish national champions, PELT

PELT overcome Ranelagh and weight of history to become Irish national champions

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Lorcan Murray reviews the action last weekend in Limerick as PELT stormed to an unlikely, cathartic championship on home soil.

After several years of close calls and an uninvited moniker for stress-induced asphyxiation, PELT have claimed their first national title. The Limerick lads emerged victorious from a virile performance in the final on home turf against national bad guys (and actually fairly sound blokes) Ranelagh.

Keith Mernagh, one of Ranelagh's contingent on the Irish National team, against Australia at WUGC. Photo by Danny Ryle

Irish Nationals preview: can anyone stop Ranelagh?

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In his ShowGame debut, Lorcan Murray previews Irish Nationals this weekend.

Limerick, High Lady of the Shannon and the Celtic Tiger’s forgotten daughter will once again open her walls to welcome Ireland’s finest disc dancers onto her fertile fields. Though this intrusion will be borne on the opposite end of the club season to that which she is accustomed, rest assured precise execution and intense competition remain defining aspects of her Siege mentality.

Nottingham proving an attractive background for those among you who enjoy grey

Is the new Ultimate-specific bag really The Greatest?

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The Greatest Ultimate Bag made waves this summer when they gave free prototypes to various Frisbee-famous people in order to generate some buzz. We here at the Show Game were somehow deemed to be part of this illustrious crew, so Sean Colfer reviewed the bag to help you make up your mind on whether to support the Kickstarter.

The Ultimate bag market in the UK is largely saturated with camping bags – duffel-type bags by companies like The North Face and Patagonia. The attraction is obvious; Ultimate happens outdoors (mainly) and it rains outdoors (often). They come in various sizes, they have useful shoulder straps to make it easier to carry and they are easy to get your hands on since there are Mountain Warehouses, Blacks and Cotswold Outdoor shops everywhere.


UKU Nationals 2016 – Women’s Division

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Hannah Pendlebury introduces the Women’s division of UKU Nationals 2016

It’s been a long 5 years since any but the letters I, C, E and N have graced the Nationals Women’s division shield. It is time for a change? If you ask the engravers of the UKU trophy cabinet, the answer is a resounding yes. It is certainly true that the ladies in gold and black are by no means unbeatable. Just ask Lemon Grass, the Russian Women’s team who took a sudden death win against the warriors two weeks ago in the show game at Mermaid and Moe.


UKU Nationals 2016 – Mixed Division

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Sean Colfers previews the Mixed Division at 2016 Nationals

Mixed Nationals is the pinnacle of the season, serving as the qualifier for the European Championships. The difference between this tournament and the simultaneous Open and Women’s events is that the event comes months after the Mixed season finished – Mixed Tour 3 was won by Thundering Herd over three months ago in Cheltenham. That break means that all eight teams contesting Nationals are essentially starting a new season, trying to rebuild cohesion and re-establish connections.

That dynamic is especially true since there have been a number of squad changes across the teams. Some have either gained or lost players to Open and Women’s, whereas some have added Great Britain players absent for the Tour season. The field overall looks the strongest in Nationals history, potentially as part of the ramping up for WUCC qualification next year, with all eight teams finishing in the top ten during the 2016 Mixed Tour season.

Enough preamble; let’s take a look at the teams.


All-Stars are changing the conversation

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Julia Dunn spoke to some of the women involved in the All-Star Ultimate Tour to discuss the effects the Tour is having on women and Women’s Ultimate around the world.

Fifteen female athletes from all parts of the United States, Japan, Canada and Australia recently undertook a trip of a lifetime, travelling over 4500 miles to play nine elite club teams in cities across the United States. The All-Star Ultimate Tour just wrapped up its second year after being founded to address the gender gap in media coverage, and has the goal of promoting the visibility of women in Ultimate. The women who made the Tour, selected based on an application, were the leaders on their respective college teams, played each other as adversaries on the field, and came together to showcase elite Women’s Ultimate. This project forms one of the many initiatives to promote Women’s Ultimate in the world, and has given female Ultimate players around the world a set of role models.